Of life and how we live it

From the moment we are born, we are subjected to endless and persistent ‘education’. Schools, families, media – all bombard us with tons of information. We are told…everything. And we are taught nothing. What this so called education does, is shape us and fit us into a mould, that defines for us what is and isn’t acceptable, what we should and shouldn’t do, say, eat, wear, what dreams to dream, what goals to chase. It defines for us success and failure, happiness and unhappiness. And we are brainwashed into thinking that there are things we have to do/have/possess, in order to feel the way we want to feel and see our lives the way we want to, so we can be who we should be. This way of thinking and living creates nothing but misery. We try our entire lives to obtain that which we are told we need, we strive to change or control our physical environment. And we foolishly believe, that if we can control everything around us, we will feel better about ourselves and we will become the person we are supposed to be. But we can’t control it all. We will never have it all figured out or put together as we want it. So we spend our lives fighting life itself, and then we wonder why we’re unhappy, unfulfilled and downright depressed. Something is missing.

Now here’s a thought, that some of you might find…well, ridiculous. What if life is supposed to be lived the other way around? What if we change who we are, so we think a different thought, so we can feel about life in a different way, and as a result experience life differently? Thoughts leading to feelings leading to actions leading to changes.

Nah, I hear you say. How am I supposed to think differently, when everything around me prompts a completely different response? The answer is simple, yet profound. And it’s not the first time you come across it. Do not react, rather create. Easier said than done? Think of it this way. Whenever exposed to or confronted by something, do you react instinctively, do you do or say the first thing that comes into your head? Most of us do exactly that. The response is formed without us even being aware of it. It is calculated and created by our subconscious mind based on everything it holds – memories, past experiences, hopes, doubts, fears, ‘education’. It takes shape, it comes to the surface et voilà, the reaction is unleashed upon the world. Sometimes followed by satisfaction, but quite often by regret. We’ve all been there – “I shouldn’t have done that, I could have reacted differently, Now why did I do or say that instead of something else….”.

What it really comes down to is choice. Choice to speak, act and choose differently. And that begins with deciding, first and foremost, who we are, and more importantly – who we want to be. To decide what kind of life we want to live, what kind of world we want to see around us. And then make the choice as if we already are that person. Decide to be kind and act out of kindness, decide you are generous and display generosity, decide you are at peace and shine that peace onto others. For we all carry within us a spark of divine light, a grain of the universal goodness. It is ingrained in us, in fact, it makes us us. Years and years of fear-based ‘education’ will make us think of us and them, dividing us from the world around us and closing us off to all the goodness we could experience. We choose to act out of fear, where we are here to express and experience nothing but unconditional love. It is within that duality, that contradiction, that all of life’s choices arise. Do you live your life from a place of fear, or do you live it from a place of love? All other thoughts and emotions are a byproduct of these two.

Fear makes us hate, control, envy, imprison. Love sets us free, inspires, motivates and expands our souls. To live out of love is to live the highest life of all. But how do we learn to live that way? It’s nearly impossible to consciously condition ourselves to do that. The solution, as always, lies within. We must make the expression of love – towards ourselves and towards others – our highest priority. And to do that, we have to open not just our minds but before all our hearts, to pure unconditional love. And the best way to do that is through meditation.

When we close our eyes and sit in silence, when we shut off the world and go within, we open ourselves up to the very source of love, and of life itself – our divine nature. We let in the light, energy and unconditional love of the universe and allow it to settle deep within us. The more we do that, the more of it we have to give. And the more of it we give, the more of it there is in our world.

So start your every day with a pat on the back, congratulate yourself for making it to another day. And looking at your reflection in the mirror, declare to yourself and to the world who you are today. Not tomorrow, not a year from now. Today. Smile at strangers, help an old lady cross the road, give small change to a homeless person. Say Thank you and Please. Do this and you will have a totally different experience of your world. And you will feel happier. Because you are not here to please anybody, to impress the crowd, to win it all. You are here to become, each day and one moment at the time, the best version of the highest vision you can possibly have of yourself. The most important thing you can give yourself and the world is that, which you have always had and what you always were – unconditional love and light.

Get up, go forth and shine…



Think big, dream big

Last night, I’ve been provoked to reflect on balance once more. In particular, why one main area of your life is always less developed than all others. In other words, why for example, if you’re experiencing success, you sometimes feel the lack of love? And why if you happen to be lucky in love, you have health issues? Or why if you’re healthy, you’re in poor financial circumstances? Why does it always have to be one or the other? And does it? Do you have to choose what you want more – the love of your life or that 160 ft yacht? Well, in fact you don’t. For as I keep saying, it’s all about balance. Balance in the Universe. Balance in the world around us. But mostly, inner balance. So far so good, but you might be experiencing such incompleteness in your life right now. One area of your life might be progressing faster and further than the rest. Maybe you have more love than money. Or you have money, but you don’t have love. More of this or more of that, it makes no difference. What matters here, is how you see the situation. How it looks through your own eyes. Do you consider your life a failure? Do you consider yourself unworthy? Do you believe deep inside that this is all you deserve?

Now, there was a time when I believed that too good was no good. And that too much laughing certainly means something bad is coming soon. I also thought that modesty was a virtue. That being humble and not wanting too much was the right way to get what you want. The only way. That you’re not allowed to have hopes and dream of a better life, because everything crumbles in the end. Or that if you want too much, you’ll be eventually deprived of what you have now for being so ungrateful. That you’re not supposed to receive. Or dream big. Or enjoy life, in general. And there was that inner comfort we all use from time to time to make ourselves believe that it’s the way it has to be: “You can’t have it all.” Sound familiar? But who says so? Who says you can’t have it all? Who says you can’t be happy at all levels at the same time? That you have to choose what you need or want the most?

As you might have noticed, your soul dreams big. And this is so, because she is aware of everything that will happen in advance. It was already planned. It was you to choose it in the first place. No one else, but you. In point of fact, your current reality is the reality you wanted, the one you wished for. You were the one to pick the path before you were even born. So, it’s your soul’s job to reassure you certain things are possible, that they can actually happen. For she’s been there. She knows. And that’s her soft voice you hear deep inside telling you to dream big. It’s her voice urging you to crave something. And it’s her to sometimes drag you forward against your will, when you are too stubborn and you just fail to listen.

Know that preventive thinking and the something-bad-is-going-to-happen approach will lead you nowhere, but to a dead-end. Because basically what you fear, comes into your life. What you resist, comes back. So, trust your soul’s profound wisdom and let her lead the way. Trust also that your thoughts form your reality, even right now, while reading this. Consider your thoughts the main source of and basic reason for all the (un)happiness you might be currently experiencing. Their power knows no limit. Your thoughts induce events and create your life the way you want it to be. But they depend on your own subjective perception of what you think you deserve. So don’t be surprised if your dreams don’t come true. It’s either you don’t put enough effort to that end, or you’re thinking that you are not worthy to see it happen. But also know that no dream is too big. No hope is hopeless, if I may put it this way. Trust me, such an approach could give you everything you’ve ever wanted. Anything. Pure wishes of the soul echo in the Universe and she responds back. And as soon as it’s not to the harm of any other being, it is achievable. You are allowed to want more. It’s good to want more. You can have money, if that’s what you want. You can be rich and famous. You can have the soul mate you dreamed of all of your life. You only have to ask. So just make the request.

It should be noted, however, that in order to achieve your goals, you’ll need the proper attitude. You have the means, but you have to learn how to use it. You need to fill your soul with kindness and light. Easy to say, I know. But that’s where you should start. By default, you should begin with finding what you really want. Because too often, minds change. Hearts change. So as starters, be sure of that. Having clarified the goal, proceed with the challenge of getting rid of all of your prejudice, deep-rooted by your parents, your friends, society and all your disappointments so far. Leave all these behind. Don’t think that it won’t happen. Don’t think that you’re not good enough to get it. Don’t consider life a struggle, or a test. For it’s a path. Path you have chosen. You make choices every day. Small ones, big ones, insignificant ones, crucial ones. It’s all your choice. So choose wisely. And start believing. Tell yourself that you deserve the best and you are worthy of receiving it. Tell yourself that now, right now, at this very moment, you make the choice to get what you wish for and be sure that Universe shall give it to you. By approaching your goals with a pure heart and all the energy of your dreams, anything is possible. See it happening. Visualize how good it feels to have it. And feel the gratitude for already receiving it. But be persistent. Every day, take the time to think about it. Take the time to dream, imagine it coming true. Put all of your energy into that direction and it will build up to the point when it will eventually become a part of your reality.

To summarize, never stop dreaming. Realize that potential of yours and live your life in full. Don’t waste another minute. And remember, Universe is always listening. So, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.