It takes a man

So many years of inhabiting this planet and I’ve seen all kinds of cowards. I’ve seen the proud species, who would never admit to being a coward in the first place. By their own presumption, they’re never wrong and everything they do is right, right? Even when they go left. Yeah, right. I’ve also come in contact with those, who would just run away and hide. Immediately. Just like that. Le pouf and they’re long gone, before they even have to consider the idea of making a decision. There’s also the type of those, who are scared of even pondering on a change. Who are perfectly happy with the status quo and would not risk it for the world as the whole concept of change freaks the hell out of them. Don’t fix it if it works, right? Yeah, right.

Whatever the case, I’ve witnessed them all. Once upon a time, I was one of them idiots, too. And you know what? They (we) all have their typical patterns. They have their typical manner of acting, of explaining themselves, and defending their omission to act. The mere idea of it certainly sounds unbelievably ridiculous, but I don’t invent the rules, I just play by them. (Nah, not even close. I dare saying that now I play by my own rules, which are, in fact, old as the world itself, but that’s a different story.) Anyhow, it’s a matter of common knowledge that cowards are all around and (I guess) it would be completely alright if there weren’t so many gnashnabs and scobberlotchers getting in the way of people, who really want to make a difference. Let me give you an illustrative example. Imagine you have this group of people that need somebody to unite them, somebody to speak for them and help them improve their lives, even a tiny bit. We aren’t all sorcerers, I know. But basically, that’s exactly what this person does – trying to make it all better. At least trying, you know. You hear them people complaining all the time. They’re never happy. They keep cursing and saying it’s a dog life they live. They don’t want that. They want more. They want better. So then, one day, the opportunity presents itself. There’s actually a chance those people change their lives and start a new chapter of the same old book they keep re-reading time and time again. You would expect them to be happy about it, right? You would think they would finally do something to change their lives? That they would have the guts to fight for what they want? Think again. Those people, they do nothing. They just back off, finding all kinds of stupid excuses not to go that final mile. And you know why? Out of fear. A dear friend of mine once told me that people always act under the effect of two major feelings: out of love or out of fear. There’s nothing in between. And I tend to believe it’s true. The feeling of fear, that I get. Sometimes even the fear of fear. The very feeling of apprehension, fright, or terror, that one I surely understand. But why would one complain of his/her life and do nothing in the end? That I can’t even barely comprehend. If you’re happy with your current situation, that’s perfectly alright, really. I could never be the person to judge you and your own decisions. To each their own, anyway. But if you feel miserable, if you feel bad in the place you find yourself right now, why complain, instead of doing something about it? Oh yes, I know. That means risking the same status quo that makes your life the life you have now. That makes you the person you are today, right? Well, you would think so for sure.

But when you think about it, it is sad how people want change, a big change, but at the same time, they are not willing to do the slightest effort to that end. I find it really amusing how they long for their life to be improved, and yet, they aren’t ready to take the smallest step to make it happen. What bugs me the most, though, is their constant need to ring the changes on that matter. To grumble on a regular basis in terms of their life and overall situation. Come on! If for some reason, for any reason whatsoever, you’re not happy with your life, do something about it. It apparently won’t happen just like that, but you have to at least state what you want. Even only to yourself. I’m sorry, but if you keep complaining about this and that and still, when push comes to shove, you just find new levels of low to reach by bowing down or the nearest cave to hide in, this is not any other person’s fault.

Now, I understand pretty well where all this cowardness comes from. It is deeply rooted in our society. From a very early age, we are raised to believe that we must be a part of the herd. We must be one of the all. That is, not have our own opinion, rather than sharing the common one. Quite a communist approach, no doubt, but it surely works. We grow to form a piece of the puzzle, rather than form an entirely different puzzle ourselves. We consider ourselves only a piece of a puzzle that is already existing. A puzzle that has been there before we were even born, for generations and generations before we were even conceived and that will surely endure our departure someday. All in all, a puzzle that is not to be questioned. As odd is it might seem, however, both of these statements are true. The only false statement is that we can’t make a difference. We are, indeed, one piece of the puzzle, but at the same time, we are our own puzzle, our own universe. Without us, there is no puzzle, and without the puzzle, there is no us. More or less.

To conclude, nothing changes if nothing changes. If you want to see that change, you’ve just got to step out of your comfort zone. Maybe that means trying something new. Maybe that means losing some money. But first and foremost, it means that you should consider yourself a person worth fighting for. A person worth the trouble. And yes, it takes a man to make a difference. It takes a woman also. And a child.  It takes you to take the first step to your new life. Not me, not anyone else in your surroundings. You and you alone. So next time life challenges you and requires you to be brave, just be the hero for a change. You might be surprised by the results.