Shower meditation

As you know, there are many types of meditation. Buddhist meditation, Vipassana meditation, mindfulness meditation, OM meditation, yoga meditation, chakra meditation, and breathing meditation, to name a few. You have a great variety to choose from depending on what you need or want to achieve by practicing meditation.

However, finding the time to actually sit down and meditate is sometimes a great challenge. Nonetheless, you could always use little tricks to get you calm and relaxed no matter where you are and what you’re doing, so take a few minutes to recharge. Now, meditation is in essence based on controlling your ever-wandering conscious mind and stepping back from your thoughts. If you can manage to do that only for a while, you’ll certainly feel the difference. So let’s say you’re traveling. You could always use the travel time to calm down your mind by using a simple mantra. Mantra could be a simple sentence or affirmation, or basically any phrase that is repeated again and again. For example, it could be “I am calm” or “I am strong”, or “I am happy”. Or even a phrase like “The sky is blue”. Any phrase would do if repeated enough. But I’ll take a closer look at the power of mantras in one of the following articles. Right now, I’d like to suggest a type of meditation, that is both simple and effective. Most of us find it difficult to take an hour for proper meditation and that’s where shower meditation would come handy.

So, how to do it? Well, first of all start with getting in the shower. 🙂

Make the water as warm or cold as you prefer and take a few moments to enjoy it. Water is an unimaginable force, but you already know that. This is the power of life, so imagine that power pouring all over you. Visualize a shower of warm light covering your body all over. Imagine this great power cleaning your thoughts, gradually emptying your head from all thoughts. Visualize darker spots all over your body, representing your fatigue, anxiety, troubles, worries, doubts, uncertainty, and even physical pain. If a certain body part hurts, imagine how that shower of light makes the pain go away down the drain. Generally see all negativity washed away, leaving you light and clean. After that initial soul cleansing, start the recharging phase. See that pleasant and nourishing light coming out of the shower head penetrating every single pore of your skin, charging you with energy, strength, and power. Feel that energy filling you up just like an empty glass or a sand watch. Now’s the time to add a mantra to help you switch on the happiness button in your mind. Pick one or a few at your choice and repeat as many times as you want to. Personally, I use a powerful set of phrases I made up myself. You can use any or all of them, or a completely different one, if you wish. It’s all up to you. Mine go like this:

“I am the Universe and the Universe is me.

I am the Power and the Power is me.

I am the Light and the Light is me.

I am the Love and the Love is me.

I open myself to Universal wisdom.

I open myself to Universal power.

I open myself to Universal healing.”

Now, I know this might sound a bit stilted, but I definitely feel that wisdom, power, and healing spreading all over my whole being while I repeat these phrases. Being aware that you form indeed a significant part of the Universe and that you have the genuine source of power, knowledge and wisdom inside of you, opens the door to all these and could only do you good. So use the mantras mentioned above or choose one of your own depending on your situation. Listen to your inner Self and you’ll hear what will work best for you and it will. Just make sure to include the “I am…” part. This is the most powerful mantra of them all. Using this mantra creates self-confidence, brings inner peace and eventually results in that mantra projecting into your own reality.

In conclusion, I know that you are busy. We all are. And I know that you’re joggling through life with a number of tasks and duties all at once. But you could always invest a few minutes in your inner peace and I assure you that the positive results will be definitely worth it. Now, how about a shower? 🙂


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