Money makes the world go round


It does! Seriously! Who could dare to deny it? This is a well-known fact. Irrespective of that, money remains the apple of discord for the majority of good souls around due to their conviction that money is somehow incompatible with goodness. Well, this is not much of a surprise since we’ve been taught from a very young age that money is bad. Money is evil! Wanting money is greedy! You’re not supposed to have money (let alone, want it) because money is wicked. Money spoils people, it brings out the very worst of them, making them greedy, arrogant, and selfish. Plus, you can’t have happiness and money at the same time. You have to choose. But why choose? Is it really that bad to have money? It brings such a pleasure, how could it be so bad?

Fact is, we love money. We all do. We love it because we know pretty well how sweet life tastes when you have it. Money gives you the freedom to be whoever and wherever you want. Wouldn’t you fancy that great car, or a trip around the world, or an incredible mansion to live in? Of course, you would. But only a few of us would admit how much they actually love money and how much they crave having it. That hypocritical attitude is mainly due to our upbringing. For some reason we were cradled with the concept that money is bad. And it’s bad because it spoils people. Makes them turn from good to bad. At least that’s the reasoning why you shouldn’t have money and how that contradicts to being a good person. I could add to that, however, that being good or bad has nothing to do with money. You could be spoiled even if you lived in humble circumstances. Analogically, you could be wealthy and help people in need, right? Right. In any case, you don’t have to live in scarcity. Why would you if you could avoid it? Universe is ever-listening and all-giving, why wouldn’t you take it? Give me one reason why you don’t deserve to have what you want. Alright, two reasons. 🙂

My point is that the expression of kindness and goodness greatly depends on your personality and not on wealth. And it’s not the same to give one buck for charity purposes if you have a hundred and give away the same amount if you only have two. So yes, money could assist you in spreading love one way or another and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong to enjoy money or want it. Money is means as any other. It could be used to create good or bad as any other tool we have at our disposal. The manner to use it exclusively depends on our own concept of money. So answer these questions. What is money for you? Do you believe you have enough of it? Would you use some more? And if yes, do you believe you’re bad because you want money? Do you consider this wrong? And the answer to the last two is “no”. There’s not even the slightest need to feel bad, greedy or guilty about wanting money. But if you feel that way, you should  consider altering your concept of money. What if you truly and deeply believed money is a good tool to provide you with happiness, positive emotions, and good experience? Money could indeed bring you some pleasure. Agree? Yes? So accept it. Stop fighting with yourself and you could  live in abundance. And if you feel gratitude for all that you already have, you’ll only get more. Transforming your very idea of what money really is could help you achieve that. Think of it this way, you already have everything you need at your disposal. You have all the tools to have everything you ever dreamed of and be as happy as you could be. Don’t worry about the how, Universe will take care of that. She always does, if only you are clear in what you want. Otherwise, you might get an awkward mixture of all the things you kinda wanted. To get back to the point, you can have anything you want. Anything. You just have to request it. How? Picture it. Visualize it. Feel it happening. Feel the emotion of already having what you’re craving. Let me tell you how it works. If you constantly repeat to yourself: “I want money. I want money. I want money.”, that’s exactly what you’re gonna get. Universe is gonna give you the “want”, i.e. you’ll experience penury. On the other hand, if you act like you already have enough money for everything you want, that’s what She’s gonna give you. Try visualizing yourself having lots of money. Imagine yourself buying all that you want, spending money, giving it away. Study, travel, enjoy life, do whatever you want. Imagine how happy that would make you feel and put as much emotion as you can into that picture. This is the key, you have to make it as emotional as possible, that’s all you need to see it materializing into your own reality. You could practice this type of visualization during meditation or just in quiet times when you’re on your own and no one and nothing would interrupt you. Try to gradually relax your body. Quiet your mind. Let go of any thoughts, don’t fight them, just gently let them go. And when you feel you’re calm enough, you could start the practice. Start seeing things exactly the way you want them to be. And then… just enjoy the abundance!


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