Soul bridge

Sometimes you meet a person and it’s like you’ve known them for all of your life. You feel that deep connection as you’ve already met them before, as you’ve already talked and shared something great and special in some past life. Some call it love from first sight, I call it “Welcome back to my life”. You meet them and you start communicating as you already know all there is to know about each other, naturally revealing common interests one after another. It seems like the two of you were friends, members of the same family or even lovers some time before and it’s past question that here and now this connection is fully present and extremely palpable. And it’s obviously strong enough to overcome time and space and cause this déjà-vu you are experiencing, strong enough to remind you that you’ve already been there and done that. It’s like your souls speak a language of their own and none of you needs words to explain or prove or justify it, you just know. Both of you. Because it has happened before. This is the type of soul connection that touches an invisible, yet sensitive part of you and everything just clicks in place. And this bond, this connection, is pure magic revealed.

But how is that even possible? I’ve never asked myself that question. All of my life, I just knew. I didn’t have to ask to know, I felt. And I’ve always felt that there was something huge and special going on. That it was just there, no matter if I could explain it or not. As a young girl, I believed in Prince Charming. As a teenager, I believed in love from first sight. Later on, already a woman, I had my true epiphany on what love really is – unconditional, ever-giving and forgiving – which greatly supported my girlish theory of soul mates. But all along, there was this inner belief inside of me that there was always a greater plan, a greater design, and I somehow formed a decent part of it. That deep inside, I had this almighty tool to connect to other souls in some other dimension on some other, higher level. And yet, the real magic I found to be manifested when the other person remembers that connection too. One look and it’s all so clear. No questions or answers required, you both feel it. When I remember, it’s like a place I’ve already seen. A fragrance I’ve scented before. A feeling I’m familiar with. A person I’ve already loved. Some souls choose to stay with their loved ones always and forever, time after time again, life after life. That reminds me of a commercial I once saw. Of a fragrance, I reckon. A man and a woman together in different lifetimes and the woman always gets killed, different scenes and different times, but all the same outcome. Until the happy ending, of course.

At the end of the day, love is all there is around and that’s where we all originate from. Love is the only thing to survive and conquer it all. This connection between people reminds me of a bridge of hearts. A soul bridge. Some people got me universally interconnected that way. I can feel  them as I’d feel myself. I’d know when they are happy, sad, lost, down, hurting even from a distance. When I open that gate in my heart, that connection becomes a two-way street. Interconnection. I am the sender and the receiver at the same time. I’m on that bridge of thought and emotion. The bridge of energy. No bridge, however, could remain intact. So I’ve noticed. For one reason or another, sometimes we choose to burn it. And the moment you cut off that connection on heart level, it’s all off. No more emotion and energy exchange, it’s almost like a switch off. It happens. But what’s beyond doubt is that everyone you truly cared for and who loved you back, will stay in touch. They will come back to you in this life and the next one and the next one. You’ll find the way to each other again. Because you are interconnected.

So next time when you meet someone who makes you feel like home, know that this is not a fortuitous even. It just can’t be. There’s no way you could know a person ten minutes after meeting them. And there’s only one way you could feel comfortable with a stranger. If this is not a stranger. So greet them with a big smile and tell them: “Welcome back to my life”.


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