The end of the road

What if you knew you’d never see the sun again or see another bird? What if you never saw flowers, clouds, trees, or children? What if this was it, the very last day of your life, the end of the road? If you knew this was it, would you be happier to look at the blue skies or feel the wind on your face? Would that make you smile? And how would it feel if this was the last breath you take, the last sound you hear, the last time you touch your significant one, or feel their body next to yours? So if you knew there was no more of it, would that make you act differently? Would you benefit more from everything? And if you knew this was the last special moment you have, would you treasure it more? Do you really need to know something is going to end to appreciate it? Usually and as stupid as most of us are, yes. We tend to ignore things that we already have, looking high above at those we don’t. Or a bit to the left from where we stand now. Or to the right. Anywhere else but here. Yeah, right, the grass is always greener on the other side… Fact is, it ain’t. Your grass could be as green as you like for as long as you want it. But as long as you keep overlooking your blessings, instead of counting them, your grass will always look yellow and dry to you. Funny enough, somebody else surely prefers your grass to their own.

We’ve all been there at some point. We have shelter, warm bed, clothes to wear, food to eat, water to drink, family to love us, friends to support us, children to make us see the greatness of life (in the lack of children, pets also do). And even if something in the above listing is missing, we still have it. All. But what we do is complain of what we don’t have. It’s good to be ambitious, yes. By default, aspiring for more is good, because it helps you grow. Hypothetically. But real question here is do you need it? Do you really want a greener grass? Do you really want more? Could you go without it? And who draws the thin line between need and greed? If you can’t answer any of these questions or you can’t find your real reasons for wanting something, then you have a problem. Motivation is important. You should know when, why, or how you feel the need to have something else. To know when what you have is not enough anymore. For your desire could only be an illusion, right? And again, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Yet another cliché, but oh, so true. However, not necessarily a must. You could start counting all of your blessings now. Why wait for them to go to appreciate them? Why try to win something back, when you could try to keep it in the first place? Start by practicing gratitude. Gratitude and appreciation for everything present in your life, good and bad, whatever the case. Practicing gratitude at the close of each day is a fool-proof way to fill your heart with warmth and light. And be sure that, being so kindly thanked for all the efforts, Ms. Universe will keep giving and giving. And this is not some kind of a treat for you being a good boy/girl. It’s more a matter of creating your reality in line with your wishes. As I keep saying, your life is a product of your concept of it, or in other words, what you make of it. Rule is, if you want to have something in your life, give it to somebody else, be it money, love, compassion, etc. Universal logics is, since you give it away, then you must obviously have it, so that’s what Universe does – gives you plenty of it. Simple rule, huh? Yeah, it’s that simple.

So how would you feel, if you knew it was the last time you see someone? Would you tell them something else, something wiser, or hold them closer? Would you cherish your last moment together as sacred? And if it was the last kiss, the last hug, would you treasure it more? Just think, if you’re not given the chance to admit that you were wrong, would you play it nicer? Sometimes we tend to overreact, be rude or totally inconsiderate to others, because we somehow believe that we could always make it up. Some other time. Next time. But what if there’s no next time? What if you never see that person again, how would that feel? Think about that. There’s no need to wait for things to collapse to do something about it. There’s no need to wait for the apocalypse, so you start caring for environment. And there’s no need to hurt someone just because you could always apologize later. Maybe not. So be wise, for life is full of surprises.


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