A tribute to love

On this memorable day I celebrate love. Love that heals and love that comforts. Love that knows no boundaries and love that breaks them all. This is a tribute to love, a tribute to life itself.

On this day I acknowledge the power of love and the variety of all its forms and reincarnations. Love in the helping hand when you most need it. Love in the eyes of a mother looking at her child with both pride and kindness. Love in the heart of a child hugging a pet. Love in the first beam of sunlight. Love in the peace of forest and in the calming sound of waves. Love in the touch of wind, gently caressing your face. Love in the air you breathe. Love all around. Because it’s all one and the same feeling. One and the same nourishing, replenishing, and reviving energy.

On this day I commemorate this universal healer. The healer that has the power to chase all your pain away and kiss your wound just like a caring mother would do. The healer that helps you forget about all that was, drawing the line between “now” and “then”, “before” and “after”.

Paradoxically, while constantly looking for love on the outside, we tend to forget that we are its original source. That all love we need is already inside of us, hidden and covered with dust and sorrow. But to be able to reach for that never failing source, we must love ourselves first. Unconditionally. Know that you are worth it, know that you deserve to be loved, and that you are good enough. For that is the case. Most of us, however, find it hard to believe. Some of us feel doomed to a life without love. It might be originating from your childhood and the manner you have been raised. Or maybe life circumstances forced you to lose faith in yourself and universal wisdom. But let me tell you this: you are worth it. You are precious. You deserve it. And no matter how many times you have failed (even though there’s no such thing as failure) so far, this is not the end and you deserve the best you can get. There’s not a single human being on earth who doesn’t deserve to breathe love and live through love. So allow yourself to believe it, feel it, and live your life by it.

No matter how many times you’ve stumbled and fallen, remember that each moment is a new moment when life is being reborn. Through you and your reality. Take this moment to accept it, take this moment to change anything that doesn’t serve you, anything that might hold you back. And look no further, because you are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. You are special. You are unique. Hardships in life come and go and challenges will always be there, but take them as experience, which helps you to move forward. Love yourself in all your uniqueness and charm. Love yourself in all your good and bad choices. Love yourself for who you are and for who you aim to be. Because loving others starts with loving yourself. Respect yourself and always demand the most of the situation. For in essence, you are love. Love in its purest form. With every cell of your body and each breath you take, you are nothing but love. Just acknowledge that fact and let love guide you on every step of the way. How? Just look inside of you. Think of something that makes you happy. Recall that person or situation that brought out the best in you, made you smile, brought happy tears in your eyes. That moment when you felt blessed. That moment when you finally felt deeply connected with your true self and with all there is around. Now feel that love and gratitude fill your heart, allow them to revive you, allow them to heal your wounds. Let them spread all over your body and shine through you. Put those sacred feelings into words and actions, express yourself. Now, every day. Be the person you want to be. Be the best you can be at this point and know that it can only get better. Namaste.

(In this short article I managed to mention love 30 times. Next time, I’ll try harder. :))


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