Heal the world

… make it a better place… Yeah, you probably know the tune.

The world right now obviously needs some fixing. Like… immediately. Murders, wars, poverty, hunger, cataclysms. Overall desperation and lack of hope all over the globe. Raging nature, raging people. The whole picture looks hopeless. The world looks sick. It’s pretty evident that we’ve reached that crucial point of no return. We seem to be totally lost on our path and it’s getting worse every day. We need actions. Some measures need be adopted to change all that. But there’s the paradox: we can’t go back and yet, we can’t move forward. It’s a chicken and egg situation. We found ourselves stuck in this moment and we just can’t help it. Our initial destination seems vague and more out of reach than ever. Some of us might feel that overwhelming despair and the urge to somehow mend what’s broken, change the course of events and hence the outcome, but we fail. And we fail, because it’s impossible to reach a different destination, by applying the same approach. We can’t rely on the same concepts, which got us to a place we don’t really want to be. What drove us before, is not relevant anymore and apparently not at all effective, for it doesn’t serve the goal we have previously set. But it’s time for a change. We’ve done enough harm. To nature, environment and to ourselves. But are we capable of healing the world’s wounds and if yes, how? Is it even possible at that point? I believe it is. All in all, there are two key points here. First, start with yourself. And then, work on the next generation, that is,  educate children from their first day here on Mother Earth.

Currently, our children in general are being raised in an environment of violence, intolerance, and ignorance. Violent to each other, intolerant to other people’s feelings, and ignorant of their true nature. We teach them to be cruel, we teach them to live like there’s no one else around. We teach them to humiliate, hurt, and abuse. We teach them how to be mean and disrespective to each other. They are let to believe that they are the one and only center of their universe and live their lives accordingly. Encouraged to develop selfishness, children fight their way through life, overlooking the big picture and the part they play in it. They insist on getting what they want, right here, right now, by all means, rejecting everything that they might disagree with. And generally speaking, one disagrees with anything that doesn’t align with their own perceptions. It’s very hard to agree with something that you don’t understand, right? Children are raised to live a life of competition. A life of struggle, where the end justifies the means. But as a result of the misinterpretation of this famous phrase, we are facing more crimes, intolerance and desperation than ever. Apparently something’s not quite right and a change needs to take place.

Fact is, children come to Earth all pure and ready to be “mould”. And that mould is more or less defined by environment. And naturally, children learn by example. While young, they wait to see other people’s response to this or that to understand how to react in the particular situation. Let’s take toddlers, for example. They all run hastily around, curious and eager to explore everything that surrounds them. And often, they stumble and fall. What the child does then, is look for an adult around. They try to read their faces and feel the proper reaction to the situation. Should the child start crying? Should the child just stand up and move on? They look for the appropriate response and usually find it. Now, if there’s an overcaring mom around, who would immediately start worrying like it was the end of the world, then the child would start crying immediately. But if it’s the father, who just says: “Get up! Nothing happened!”, then that’s what the child does. Of course, this was just a mere example and it could be the other way round, but you got my point. This is how the child mind works. Naturally, education starts from the very first day. The do’s and don’ts of life, the way to act and react, and the way children perceive the world around. What they do is basically copy/paste. For better or for worse, children are susceptible to their surrounding environment. They learn all the time, drawing their own conclusions. Unfortunately, as current sad situation shows, children don’t seem to have learned much. Five days a week, they go to school, but learn little on the subjects that really matter. Subjects that would really make a difference in their lives. Children are ordinarily taught to live like loners, caught in their own cocoons, while collective consciousness is the key. We fail to educate them on the most important aspects. We don’t teach them how to be kind, for we encourage violence. We don’t teach them how to be tolerant, for we encourage intolerance. We don’t teach them how to love, for we encourage hate. They are not able to act any other way, for this is what they see around. How could we want from a child to be nice, if he/she sees us acting mean to other people? How could we expect from a child to be polite, if we shout at others? How could we expect them to be all that we are not? We can’t. The basic concepts of kindness, tolerance, and love should be taught at school. Children should be taught how to think and not what to think. They should be given the opportunity to express their true selves and encouraged to develop that idea in all areas of life. Children should be taught that we are all one and basically, what they do to others, they do it to themselves. And if they hurt people, they are actually hurting themselves. Children should be taught how to love unconditionally, to give and spread kindness all around them. It’s all energy and children must realize that they are all part of that. They should know that other people’s suffering is in fact their own suffering.  That every day, through their choices and decisions, they all contribute to the well-being of others and the entire world. For the well-being of the world is their own well-being. That each one of them is responsible for other people and they should care, sincerely care. Because if they do, the perspective of life takes a completely different turn. And for the better.

I realize, though, that all above-mentioned would be a real challenge, for to accomplish all these goals, we need to fundamentally change our own perceptions of the world. And this is a tough job. But we should start somewhere, right? Be the change you want to see in the world. Start with yourself and pass it on to children. Do all that you’re teaching them. Be kind, be nice, be considerate. Care for people and help them, develop compassion. Love people and respect them. Feel as a part of the whole, rather than the lone wolf fighting on your own. For harmony is not yet another chimera and peace is achievable. They both come from within and are only a reach away.


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