A silent coffee

Here I am at the very start of my day. So early that the sun hasn’t even come up yet.

I look through the window. No cars racing fast, nor the usual noise of traffic and people running to or back from somewhere. And today, it’s snowing. I can see the snow falling peacefully in the street lights. So dark and still. Such peace.

Life begins with coffee, they say. Well, mine certainly does. Every day my life begins again and every day my cup of coffee is the asylum for all of my hopes, the sanctuary for all of my dreams for the day to come. That milky, sweet and strong flavour embodies all of my plans and expectations for today.

Just before it all started, I’m sitting here in silence, enjoying every second. Each moment I recreate time, space, and dimension. I am here, but not really. I’m at a better place, where anything is possible and I’m the person I am designed to be. I am that highest version of myself that I come back to in my dreams. Relaxed, calm, and peaceful.

Right here, right now, when there’s no one else around and I’m all alone with my thoughts. No Internet, no Facebook, no constant e-mail flow, no work. Just me and my thoughts alone.

This is my time. The time I love the most. The time to make plans and visualize my life as I want it to be. The time to make decisions about how I want this day to go and be aware of what I need to change in order to reach my highest goals. Without any prejudice, or fear, or blame. The time to set my intentions and see the day unroll in the best possible scenario. The time to just be. No one wanting anything from me. No questions I need to answer. No stuff I need to take care of. No urgencies I have to deal with. This is my mini moment. In those ten or twenty minutes at the beginning of my day I can be completely free. Free of any troubles, worries, the typical frantic chatter of my routine. Phone calls, e-mails, replies, websites, news and updates from social media, likes and comments, work and then more work, housekeeping, shopping, cooking, grabbing a bite, duties and responsibilities. People I need to look after; people, who need my attention and care; people, who I need to inspire, support, and console. On and on, over and over again.

But not now, not yet.  There’s nowhere else I need to be right now. Nothing else I need to do, but sit here in peace and watch my thoughts unwind. Observe, reflect, just be. Feeling the light with every single cell in my body and beaming it back to the universe. Drowning in that warm feeling of gratitude with my entire being. So grateful for everything that I am, for all that I have in my life, for all of my blessings and for this very moment. For I know for sure that today will be better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.

But for now, it’s only me and my coffee. With a vanilla twist.


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